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Stroke Support

The emotional impact of having a stroke can be devastating, for both survivors and those who care for them, yet it often goes unrecognised and untreated. Recent evidence suggests that people are at a significantly increased risk of depression and anxiety following a stroke.

Talking Space is currently extending their service to offer treatment for anxiety, low mood or post-traumatic stress to individuals who have experienced a stroke more than 6 months ago and have been discharged from hospital and outpatient care. Carers seeking help for their own mood problems can access the service without restriction.

We provide a range of services including –

Telephone support

Cognitive behavioural therapy

Information and signposting to other services

If the person seeking treatment is unable to use the telephone we ask that the referrer obtains consent for the referral before contacting us, and makes available key information at the time of referral, such as the date of the last stroke, most recent cognitive assessment, and when they were discharged from hospital and outpatient treatment.

Assessments can be offered at home.