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Research Study Looking For Participants: Autism Cohort Study

Autism Cohort Study: Learning about the lives of adults on the Autistic Spectrum and the views and experiences of their relatives.

This project is about engaging adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives in research.  At least 1% of adults are on the autism spectrum. However, very little research has been undertaken into the life experiences of adults and older people on the autism spectrum, and how these can be improved. To address this, in January 2015, a research programme was begun to find out about the life experiences of adults on the autism spectrum and their relatives/carers. This aims to help inform evidence-based approaches to meeting changing health and social care needs.This project is being led by Newcastle University researchers, and funded by the research charity Autistica.

This study invites both adults with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their relatives/carers to complete some questionnaires about their experiences.

For more information, or to register your interest in the study please follow this link:

The questionnaires can be completed online, or alternatively please contact for more information or to request a paper copy of the questionnaires.

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